Prepare a Liquid Colony™ from a positive blood culture in minutes

Qvella’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and save lives through reducing time to actionable results in microbiology and infectious disease testing. The FAST™ System using the FAST PBC Prep Cartridge is designed to turn time around by isolating and concentrating pathogenic cells directly from a PBC in ~30 minutes, enabling the set-up of user-validated downstream applications earlier.

FAST™ System is designed to impact time to actionable results.



  • ~2 minutes of hands-on time
  • Room temperature, ready to use cartridges
  • 1 or 2 FAST PBC Prep cartridges per run


  • Designed to yield comparable biomass to a solid colony
  • Contains intact and viable cells


  • Potentially reduce turnaround time with user-validated methods for ID and phenotypic AST

FAST™ System Workflow


FAST PBC Prep Cartridge Animation


*FAST™ System and FAST PBC Prep Cartridge have received CE marking for In-Vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in Europe (as per EU IVDR 2017/746) and are now listed as Class I IVD devices with the US FDA. These devices have not been validated for any downstream diagnostic applications and are only indicated for positive blood culture specimens containing bacteria. The user will be responsible for validating the system in combination with diagnostic procedures.