Qvella Expands its Presence in Europe: Partners with Axonlab for Representation and Commercialization in Germany, France, and BeNeLux


Richmond Hill, Canada and Baden, Switzerland; November 1st, 2023 – Qvella, a leading innovator in clinical laboratory diagnostics, is pleased to announce its expanded collaboration with Axonlab, a prominent distributor of innovative medical technologies. Building upon their successful partnership in Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, and other regions, Qvella and Axonlab have entered into a new agreement that extends Axonlab’s representation and commercialization efforts into Germany, France, and BeNeLux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for Qvella as it continues to grow its footprint in the European market, delivering cutting-edge solutions in clinical laboratory diagnostics. Through this collaboration, Qvella aims to provide healthcare professionals in Germany, France, and BeNeLux with access to its innovative portfolio of diagnostic solutions, which are designed to streamline and improve the timeliness of clinical microbiology laboratory testing and diagnostics.

Axonlab, with its extensive experience and strong presence in the European medical technology distribution landscape, is well-positioned to introduce Qvella’s groundbreaking products to a broader audience. The collaboration between Qvella and Axonlab will enable healthcare institutions in these countries to leverage the latest advancements in clinical diagnostics for faster and more accurate pathogen identification.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Axonlab into these additional countries,” said Dr Tino Alavie, CEO of Qvella. “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance patient care by providing healthcare professionals with advanced diagnostic tools. We look forward to working closely with Axonlab to bring our innovative solutions to clinical and research laboratories in Germany, France, and BeNeLux.”

Axonlab has a proven track record of successfully introducing and promoting cutting-edge diagnostic technologies, making them an ideal partner for Qvella’s expansion efforts in Europe. The collaboration is expected to strengthen both companies’ positions in the microbiology diagnostics market.

“We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Qvella and take on the responsibility of representing their exceptional solutions in Germany, France, and BeNeLux,” said Lukas R. Hadorn, CEO of Axonlab. “Qvella’s technology aligns with our commitment to providing healthcare professionals with the most advanced tools available, ultimately benefiting patients by enabling quicker and more accurate diagnoses.”

For more information about Qvella and its innovative microbiology solutions, please visit www.Qvella.com. To learn more about Axonlab and their distribution services, please visit www.axonlab.com.


About Qvella

Qvella is a clinical diagnostics company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for the speeding up of microbiology that ultimately enable a speedy detection and diagnosis of bloodstream infections and Sepsis. The company’s mission is to improve patient care by providing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge diagnostic tools that enhance the accuracy and speed of microbial testing.


About Axonlab

Axonlab is a proactive and reliable partner of hospitals, medical practices, private laboratories, research and industry, as well as of private individuals. It is a cutting-edge, customer-oriented service company operating in the fields of IVD, Life Science and Medical IT for the healthcare sector and is a leading company in the point-of-care solution business in Europe. The company collaborates with reputable international supply partners in selling innovative systems to clinics, doctors and the research sector. Axonlab is focused on providing a comprehensive, future-oriented service and providing a foundation for long-term business relations. Axonlab’s purpose to contribute to improving healthcare for the people in Europe and to consequently contribute to patients’ quality of life is firmly anchored in the DNA of the company.


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