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Episode 5 – On Demand

The FAST System has the Potential to Expedite ID & AST for Bloodborne Pathogens from Positive Blood Cultures
David Pride, MD, PhD, Infectious Disease Specialist, UC San Diego Health

Episode 4 – On Demand

Impact of reducing time to results in septic patient management
Dr. David Haake, Chief Medical Officer, Qvella

Episode 3 – On Demand

Saving time in microbiological blood culture diagnostics
Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Dalpke (TU Dresden)

Episode 2 – On Demand

Reduce time from PBC to actionable results by generating a Liquid Colony™
Herbert Torfs, PhD, V.P. of Business Development EMEA, Qvella and Professor Alexia Verroken, MD, PhD, Clinical Microbiologist, Saint-Luc University Hospital

Episode 1 – On Demand

A New Paradigm in Positive Blood Culture Processing
Susan Novak-Weekley, PhD, D(ABMM), S(M) ASCP
Vice President of Medical Affairs, Qvella


Evaluation of a Novel Sample Preparation Method for Rapid Antimicrobial Resistance Testing Directly from Positive Blood Cultures.


Comparison of a Novel Sample Preparation Method for Positive Blood Cultures vs. Standard of Care Overnight Sub-Culture: 0.5 McFarland Cell Concentrations and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Results.


A Novel Sample Preparation Method for Positive Blood Cultures: Assessment of Sample Stability for Downstream Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing.

San Diego

Analysis of the FAST System for expedited identification and susceptibilities of bloodborne pathogens.


Performances of the FAST System enabling speeded-up positive blood culture ID/AST results using Bruker MALDI-TOF MS< BD Phoenix and disk diffusion.


Evaluation of the FAST System: an automated and rapid system for isolating microbial cells from positive blood culture.


Evaluation of the FAST System (Qvella) for accelerated species identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing from positive blood culture bottles using the Bruker MALDI and bioMerieux Vitek 2.

FAST System and FAST PBC Prep Cartridge have received CE marking for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in Europe (as per EU IVDR 2017/746).

These devices have not been validated for any downstream diagnostic applications and are only indicated for positive blood culture specimens containing bacteria.