FAST-IDTM Technology*

Focused on rapid and efficient sample preparation

  • FAST-ID™ technology is designed to enhance speed in pathogen detection and identification
  • Direct aspiration from closed sample tube simplifies test set-up, minimizes potential contamination
  • Fully-automated intact pathogen recovery integrated with e-lysis™ yields PCR ready lysate, eliminating the need for multi-step extractions
Pathogen Cell Isolation and Concentration
  • Sealed vaccutainer sample
  • Blood cells lysed and debris removed
  • Pathogen cells isolated and concentrated from whole blood sample
In-line, Automated Pathogen Cell Lysis, Amplification and Detection
  • In-line e-lysis™ preserves nucleic acids and denatures inhibitors
  • PCR-ready lysate is amplified for rRNA targets optimizing sensitivity
  • 20 well array includes 4 control wells and 16 reaction wells
Results Available in Less than 60 Minutes
  • Detects over 95% of pathogens causing sepsis
  • Bi-directional LIS interface
  • Optional local printer for immediate availability of results